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4th day of Wellbutrin. Experiencing forgettfullness and I am pretty much a zombie. I have 3 small children, it takes my oldest daughter telling me to change my 1 year old's diaper about 4+ times before I finally remember to do it. After about 8 hours of being a zombie, I feel great. Should I stick it out the recommended 4-6weeks? Will the feelings of being a zombie pass by then? 

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I was extremely irritable for the first 7-10 days upon onset of taking Wellbutrin.  Then one morning felt great and I have more energy, just feeling lots better with a better outlook on life.  I have a lot of stress due to pandemic (who isn't?), taking care of older parents and a handicapped brother.  This stress is not going away, it is my reality.  I just hope the Wellbutrin continues and my psychiatrist will let me increase my dose if needed.  I am on 150 mg now.


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