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_______s Running the Asylum (Triggers)

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It's alarming to think just how much of our mental health services are dependent on the government.
And what is truly appalling is the institutionalised ignorance.

I had a friend who worked for a large NGO, ironically in their D&A counselling.  His pain and battles had made him want to help others, but ultimately it was too much for him.
They sacked him, if you can believe this, after getting him to sign a statement in which he promised to not commit suicide. 
That was over 20 years ago, but things haven't improved.

I once, in absolute desperation, made the mistake of phoning the government's suicide hotline.  Honestly, most of the time was spent dealing with their obsession that I could not be found in the government database.  I was repeatedly accused of lying about my identity and was told they couldn't help me unless I told the truth.  At that time there was no centralised database, the only records they had were of public hospital admissions, and since I had always between treated by a Psychiatrist in private practice, I did not show up, and they simply did not know how to handle that.

On another occasion, having survived an attempt, I self-presented to the local mental health clinic, only to be told that because of my postal code, I needed to go to the clinic on the other side of town.

It reminds of the signs I saw in a new public toilet.  There were the usual signs you would expect to see, asking patrons to not smoke, flush after every use, etc, etc.  Except that some helpful bureaucrat had Braille added to every sign.  Think about that for a moment.
(You're blind, and using a public toilet, are you really going to rub your hands all over the walls on the off chance there might be some Braille???)
Similarly, we are beset by mental health initiatives, designed by people with no thought or clue as to how sufferers are actually effected.

Our government has setup an initiative to provide redress for victims of CSA. 
Registering was literally the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  Reliving the trauma so that I could write it down, very nearly destroyed me.
Now obviously I had to describe my lingering symptoms, which include anxiety, fearfulness, paranoia, various phobias, and a pathological fear of talking to strangers on the phone.
So how did this agency try to progress my case?
Yep, they rang me from a blocked number, on my private mobile phone, and tried to get me to confirm my identity.

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That was an amazing post. I must admit that I chuckled about the braille in the public toilet bit.

I'm sorry for your experiences with the _____ running the asylum. I think it's a universal issue, to varying degrees. I could be wrong though.

Pardon my ignorance, but was is "CSA"?

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