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A music producer wannabe


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As stated in the title, sometimes I try to produce some music, but the results are below average I'd say as I have no knowledge of music theory (and no will to change that like any other thing in my life due to my issues). I've been 'trying' for a few years by now, but I can't see any progress to be honest. I actually think I became even more repetitive and less creative through the years. I don't feel comfortable enough to share my existing profiles on youtube or soundcloud-like websites, I just thought I might share some latest work on a new account on some random audio hosting site.


Might upload something else someday, not sure when, though, as sometimes producing helps me, but i get frustrated because of it more often recently I'd say.

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Creative work always has value I think. It is a way we express a side of ourselves, words aren't always sufficient. So whether or not you have an audience, or if people tell you it's good or not, that doesn't determine it's value. 

If you want reactions, feel free to DM me a link to your work I'll have a listen. 

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It took me years to post the music I make. Reality is, the best way to grow is with feedback.
When I was 13 I posted all my art online ,and it was horrendous, and I was an annoying only-child-brat.. but it made me good. I had a lot of great feedback every step of the way. Now I am self conscious and I dont do taht anymore. A shame

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