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Happy Easter to Everyone

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I havent checked in on DF for quite awhile. I wanted to wish each of you who observe the holiday an awesome day. Most of us are on some level quarantine and likely wont see family or friends in the same way as years prior. Let us not forget the true meaning of Easter, which I feel applies to this terrible terrible condition of clinical depression.


Even in the midst of great depression, Christ came to me and made a way in the wilderness. In a way, his ressurection is the power that issued my own. I am so grateful for this second lease on true life. His love shines through every cell in my body today and I am feeling the Easter spirit. If your mind becomes your enemy today and says "noone cares, I am not important" I'd like you to know it's a lie. You are invaluable in his eyes. Once more.. Happy Easter and sending love and gratitude to Depression Forums as a whole!



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