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Battles with Yourself.

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If anyone tells you that mental illness just goes away, they are lying. I personally have been struggling with mental illness for over 6 years now.

Try not to think about it as you “not getting better” even though you feel you have tried everything. Mental illness is a constant battle that you are in with yourself and that’s why it feels like you can’t escape it.

I learned after many years of hating myself, self harm & isolation that you have to take it day by day. There will be bad days and good days. You can’t be to hard on yourself when you have those bad days.

Steps to take-


• If you have more reasons, that’s great. but just think of one reason why you have to keep fighting for yourself even if you feel like you never win.

• Realize that this is part of who you are, instead of hating it… embrace it. Learn all that you can about it, do the research.

• Keep up with your feelings everyday in a journal, even on the good days.

• if you feel it’s at this point, Seek professional help. There is no shame in therapy or even medication.

• Remind yourself that it’s only a bad day- NOT a bad life.

I hope this helps you!

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I like everything you said @HallJxoxo

Recovery doesn't have a finish line and I don't think there's a problem with that. My struggles have made me a stronger version of myself, how could I know how resilient I am without them?

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Yes I always have a reason to keep going.  It's almost always someone has made me angry in some way and I feel like if I give up they win.  That is the one thing that always seems to work for me.

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