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Going off prozac


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I wanted to share this experience again because this is the only place I talk about aside from my doctor.  I made the decision to go off prozac.  I felt I had reset my brain to some degree and that I really wanted to try going forward on my own power.  For me, Prozac worked - really well!  I had feelings of peace, well being, happiness that I hadn't experienced in so long.  My relationships within my family improved and that was the most important thing to me.  I only used a daily 10mg during this time.

My doctor always said I could simply quit taking it cold turkey because of the long half life and low dose I was taking.  Of course, there are many other sources that say differently so I decided to wean off it despite what my doctor said.  I started weaning on 3/7 going every other day for 1 week. I noticed nothing.  Then I did every 2 days.  Nothing.  Then I went every 3 days but kind of just forgot and stopped as of 3/19.   So I ended up rushing through my own plan.  It's been 11 days of no medication.

Withdrawal symptoms?  To my surprise (based on my doctor's insistence) is that I do have some symptoms.  The worst is dizziness/vertigo.  It's pretty much always there and I've had a couple of really bad bouts.  One where I had to have my husband help me to bed.  Just had it again now as I turned my head to talk to my husband. 

The other thing is a digestive issue that I probably don't need to describe except to say you'd think I'm eating lots and lots of fiber.  

It's been over a week now of the dizziness.  Based on what I've read this might last a few weeks.  I'm hoping to just get through it.  

I can't say there is anything else specifically that I've noticed but it makes sense to have these (at least to me).

Hoping this might be useful to someone....
Happy feelings to you all!

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