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Had Panic Attack Today


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I don't get out and socialize much. My weekly routine is so set, one could almost set their watch by it. Monday - Friday I go to work, same time start - same time ending. I go to Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturdays, I go to my dad on Sundays....cycle repeats. Every now and then I will go "astray" and do something different, like the auto show or an outdoorsman show (you know, fishing, hunting, side - x - side vehicles, etc. But thanks to this COVID virus causing such a fuss, everything is canceled...I can't unwind like I normally do. 

Today at work, it came to a head. I wasn't feeling great to begin with and as soon as I walk in, I am immediately barked at by my boss for no reason....it got so bad I stood there for a minute and contemplated quitting right then and there.....throwing my company ID, my keys, my company computer on the desk and just walk out.....I didn't but I thought about it. I'm tired of the abuse...I am tired of being harped on all the damned time while others slack off without a care in the world. 

Later in the day I had a panic attack. 


Sorry...just needed to vent.  

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Maxx you dont have to feel sorry. It sounds like coworkers are not pulling their weight and that would be annoying.

Theres good things you can clean your equipment or just hang out with the family you dont usually talk to. I know where I live the police out always asking where I am going if I head out they made it madatory. I miss fishing though my favorite part is cooking the fish I caught.

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Hi Maxx55,

     I wish I knew what to say.  Its awful when bosses don't treasure their people and when they unfairly target and pick on particular ones.  I've had bosses like that and it is so demoralizing and frustrating.  I remember being so angry at a boss that I thought I would explode.  He seemed to pick on me all the time and never appreciated me or my work.    My boss caused me so many panic attacks and it was all so unnecessary and so unfair.  So sorry all this happened to you and keeps happening.  Its just awful!

    The new coronavirus has really caused so much turmoil and loss.  I grieve for the life I used to have.  It is stressful to have no where to go.  I can really identify with what you wrote!


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You have alot going for you. You have a family and a job, and you said you like to do something different every now and then. It is a good thing to have a routine, but if your unhappy you can just change the routine or stop doing somethings and start doing others. You can make friends with people at your place of work for example. You can achieve all you want to achieve in life, but it starts with you. 

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