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Life’s pretty ****ing scary right now


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Sorry for swearing. I literally can’t believe the cesspool of shit my life has become. Anxiety and depression, all my personal problems. 

Then there’s the fear of this covid-19. And then my cars brakes decided to take a big shit. Guess how much that’s going to cost me? $400? $500? Nope $750. 

I can’t get any of my needed meds here because of the disease nobody else’s needs are taken very seriously. Don’t get me wrong I feel for those and their families who have had contact. But I’m seeing lots of people struggle with medical needs more so and it’s been worsened for them. 

My plantar fasciitis returned after nine months. And I don’t even do much. So much for getting back into running and wanting to be somewhat healthy and ok. 

Oh and I almost forgot! My parents resurrected the idea to move out of state! After that idea dropped and we were in the clear guess what were moving! Honestly how the hell does this thing called life get any worse? 

Edit: I thought my 2019 was bad. I’d give anything to have last year back. The badness was a joke. 2019 was probably the last year with any kind of ‘normalcy’ in it. 

Each month gets worse. Each week my quality of life ghettos more then the last. 

Stay safe out there everyone. Thanks for the support. 

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Hi George,

I'm so sorry all these things are happening to you.  Wish I knew what say that would help.   It's awful that so many things are going badly for you in 2020.  Its a crazy year.  Hope things get better for you and hope you can get your meds!

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Hey George, 

Sorry to hear that 2020 has been so tough recently. I wish I could say more to help, but know that I empathize with your pain and anger right now. I think the COVID-19 situation has made things so much crazier than they already were. Life has been put on hold while at the same time moving faster than ever... feels like 2020 has been going on for two years now! I’m sorry to hear you can’t get your medication, that’s awful and I don’t think it’s wrong of you to be upset about it. I know it’s important we prioritize COVID-19 patients, but I also don’t think it’s wrong of you to feel disappointed your needs aren’t being met either. My mother recently had surgery and many of her follow up appointments were cancelled due to the virus. It’s a scary and frustrating time, for sure.  I hope the best for you and that things start to get better. 

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Im sorry to hear about that and i can heavily relate to some of your problems, only thing we can do is hope for the best and the virus will go away and we will thrive again!!

Remember all the times in your life you thought you wouldn't get past it but you overcame them! Same thing will happen with Covid-19!


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