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What are you mainly using Zoloft for?

What are you mainly using Zoloft for?  

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  1. 1. What are you mainly using Zoloft for?

    • Anxiety only
    • Depression only
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • To counteract side effects from another med
    • Other

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I started taking Zoloft because of major anxiety that I have had almost all my life, and I think I am depressed too. I have had four miscarriages, and that has taken a toll on me. I feel there is no hope for my future because I do not know if I can ever have a healthy child. But I am on my third day and already those feelings of hopelessness has started to fade and a few positive thoughts have taken place. I am otherwise a happy person but a very anxious one. Hoping Zoloft will be a good medicine for me. :)

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I am taking Zoloft with Wellbutrin in the morning (for depression) and Loxipine at night (for sleep and mood). This combination has been working well fo me since the end of August and I am hoping it works well forever! I am well rested because of the new addition of Loxipine because insomnia was a HUGE problem for me,


Browneyed_gal61 :1cat::hearts::hearthrob:

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My regular doc started me on 100mg the first of the month.  I'm almost three weeks in.  I'd been completely shut down since May, the worst depression I've had in years.  My counselor also identified anxiety and PTSD.  The psychdoc isn't available until mid-Sept.

The anxiety has subsided a bit.  I still feel shut down most of the time - hard to get outta bed - but the suicidal ideation has subsided.  The regular doc suggested an increase to 200mg.  I'm holding off until I see the psychdoc b/c I'm wary of having to come off of that much of an increased dosage.

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