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Do you have any plans for dealing with COVID-19


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I am sorry to hear your cousins are suffering. I had the virus middle of October, never knew where I caught it, as I am socially isolated not just distanced. For me the experience was not so bad, certainly not serious. Since catching it I still have symptoms, which to me are more serious, because they wont go away. Taste and smell are gone, my toes are swollen and red, and I am even more tired. In particular my arms and lower legs, ankles and wrists hurt like crazy from about 4 in the afternoon until 7. Its a crazy virus, affecting us all differently, but the more serious aspect is the mental damage. Encourage as many people as you can through this, take vitamin D, why not...... and eat as well as you can.

may the best possible outcome for your family come your way

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Well myself, I have been in quarantine on two different occasions and have had one loved one to die from it and too many family and friends that have it but I try not to worry too much about it but to just wear my mask when I'm around people. I mostly stay home alone anyway except when I'm volunteering at a local ministry where I know the risks are high but I guess I've just given it to the Lord and what will be will be. I'm sorry for anyone on here that is affected by it and you're all in my prayers

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14 hours ago, Extremebeginner said:

Encourage as many people as you can through this, take vitamin D, why not...... and eat as well as you can.

Thankyou. I will. 

I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms. I've heard that lots of people are reporting long term symptoms... With extreme fatigue being common. I'm guessing the fatigue is exacerbating your depression? 

I struggle a lot with my energy levels in winter and if I had even less energy than I do now I would find it very hard so I can understand how hard it must be. 

I'm hopeful that the symptoms will lessen for you and for everyone suffering and that you have plenty of support with this. 


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4 hours ago, jkd_sd said:

Oh, @Nightjar, I am so sorry about your family members having the virus.  Best wishes to you, your family, and everyone else affected (directly or indirectly) by this virus.   :console:

Thankyou. On a positive note, we haven't lost anyone and my immediate family members have somehow all been unaffected. This is actually a miracle because three of them have visited the hospital during the pandemic (one had an operation, one had an x-ray and one had to visit A&E) and one of them has been working in close contact with others. 

If any of those three had picked it up I would have it because I have been visiting with all three. We all live alone and without our support bubble of three we would have been completed isolated all year. So we chose to visit amongst each other although it's not strictly allowed. 



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My "plans" for dealing with covid mean sweet F. A, the way things are going. 

I am not holding breath as to the vaccination, any one of them, making any difference. 

I wonder how long it will take the current virus to mutate into a vaccination-resistant version. Probably not long enough. 

Covid is going nowhere. 

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:38 PM, jkd_sd said:

In every community there are a certain number of 'functional alcoholics' -- many of whom keep it a secret.  In a real disaster, if they are cut off from their alcohol supply, it can add to the disaster in two ways.

I'm glad you pointed out that the advisement to keep the functional alcoholics in the fold came from considerations after 9-11, but applies to most cataclysms.  🤠The idea is way too reasonable and realistic to fly steady in these hysterical times.  People think you are either calling Americans drunks, or you're pandering to losers who need to feed a weakness of character.   I could list some famous functional alcoholics--not the celebrity train wrecks--but it would be a long list. 

It's a interesting consideration though. 



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