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Gone flatline

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I am a Christian and have been for a long time. I finally got a 'real' diagnosis and so much of my life makes sense, the ups and downs of it all. My life has been a major dark circus at best. In between the bad addictions and hospital visits were my times of faith I knew were real.  More in the last few years things have settled down, I believe I have grown into my diagnosis if that makes sense? (as in, I am not doing nearly most of the awful things I used to do) I started on what seem to be the right meds for me. But again I feel flatlined emotionally and spiritually. I often don't even want to pray or read lately. Going to church is a struggle and I feel these things should not be?. While I am happy I am not struggling in many other areas this bothers me. Does anyone else feel this?


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I went through a period sort of like this, irish63.  I still have difficulty, but I am working my way through it. 

To me, it makes sense that your experiences and diagnoses will filter through to your spiritual life eventually. To me, this is a good sign and means that your spiritual life is an active part of the rest of your life/personality.  It makes sense that it would be affected too. 

I have tried just being honest with God about how I feel spiritually when I do pray. Despite what organized religion would have us believe, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to believe, to a great extent.  Christ is the Common Denominator.  I figure there is a reason that so many verses in the New Testament encourage us to get along with one another, and some even admonish us not to compare our faith with another's.

I also focus on reading the New Testament, and particularly topics that really catch my interest. To me, that interest is a sign of God's leading.

Hope this helps in some way.  You are not losing your faith, and you will never lose God.  :console:

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