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Upswinging Mood/ Relocation.

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I'm happy to say my mood has been improving. I have the opportunity and am relocating soon to the Southwest. Really looking forward to getting out of the cold snowy midwest and having a new environment. Very grateful for the coming change of pace. Being in this enviornment is tough, although Im sure I'll miss some of its perks like friends and events. 

Just an update on depression and its good to feel more stable, two weeks ago I had to go to ER for worsening symptoms. Back on increased meds, mixed with better self maintainence and Im moved from a daily 4 to a 6 or 7.. 

Im learning about my depression through daily interactions, and doing my best to counter its vicegrips. Fortunatly I have alot to be grateful for and look forward to. Cheers to all my friends and peers here on the forums. Love you guys and the caring community here. 

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