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Today I got banned from YouTube, they didn’t say why but sent me a system generated email and said I broke the community guide lines, I read said guidelines like I’ve done before and I didn’t break any of the rules, I’ve never commented, my videos I am the copyright owner and are of nature and the seaside. I’ve never bullied anyone.

I do have a stalker and I am wondering if they could made a bunch of false reports and the YouTube bots auto banned me.so tomorrow I’m gonna call them up and file a complaint.

I wouldn’t mind but I’ve not used YouTube for a yeah because I’ve been too ill. If I had been hacked I would have got a text message alert.I feel burnt out and I am not managing to do much, I woke up at 7am my legs start to hurt and my mood goes down hill. It’s not just YouTube that’s treated me unfairly, people on chat started calling me vile names that I don’t care to repeat because they are down right nasty. One person made fun of my weight and said I should eat some doughnuts. I grown to hate people. It just feels like my life is full of negativity and that I am just waiting counting down time till I die.

i watched the movie called the joker and before he flipped people kept harming the guy in the movie and then he flipped and hurt them. I can relate to feeling beaten down by people and life.

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So many awful things have happened to you. 

I think you should appeal the YouTube ban if only to find out what is going on.

You help so many people here on the Forums with your heartfelt comments.  Wish I knew how to help you.  You are certainly an inspiration to me.


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