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Foods That Help Avoid Depression

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Apart from the medications we take for our depression, there are some food items, usage of which helps us to avoid or reduce our depression. What are these food items, well I have listed some of them below:

1.       Milk

2.       Nuts

3.       Coffee

4.       Carrots

5.       Salmon Fish

Although the use of these food items may not completely overcome your depression but it can certainly help your body as also suggested by some of the studies.

In general, when depressed you need to have a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains.

What are your suggestions ?

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I find creamy things like milk and coffee really comforting. While too much coffee can make me anxious and jittery, I find a cup a day gives me a little boast and it just feels good to hold a mug of hot coffee in my hands. 

Salmon is great too. It has healthy fats and those omega 3's. I wish I could afford to eat fish more often because I really love baked fish with some soy sauce and veggies.

A small piece of chocolate--the darker, the better--is good for us too. It has mood boosting chemicals and some people swear by a little square a day. It certainly is the first thing I crave when I'm anxious or hormonal. 

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