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Update after 4+ months on fluoxetine


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I just had to get this out.  I haven't told anyone in my "real" life that I'm taking fluoxetine.  Only my doctor and I have discussed it.  I'm taking 10mg daily and it's been over 4 months.  I just have to say, "wow!".  I know everyone is different and I was reluctant to try this drug after giving zoloft a very brief try before and definitely having side effects (which I would describe as odd and came on very quickly).  Fluoxetine, in retrospect, was much easier on the start up (although I did worry quite a bit during the first month).  It probably took a good 4 weeks to say it was doing its job, but boy, is it.  Every once in a while, I get hit with how much calmer and less anxious I am.  Dealing with situations that would either create anxiety at a level where I couldn't function and/or getting so angry that my reactions were illogical and outrageous.   It was, "me then" and the "me now".  I like the "me now" so much more.  No weird anger or frustration leading to crying jags.  Things at home that used to trigger me to lose it, don't anymore.  It's a little like looking at things through a filter, but not in a bad way.  Just in a calmer, more thoughtful way.  I can, though, appreciate the idea that some people say they feel numb on certain meds.  This isn't like that.  I'm just so happy to feel no regrets at my behavior or reactions.  I feel I'm being such a better parent and spouse.  I just wanted to say this.  

Although I do credit a lot to taking fluoxetine, I also did some therapy and other things in my life to combat this.  I think this medication lined up at the correct time for me and is effective for me.  

I have had some moments where I feel anxiety trying to creep in.  I work hard to push it out and do find I bounce out of those times more quickly and without all the previous fallout I used to have.  

A few things I've found that I classify as side effects - I have some dizziness.  I always say my balance is bad.  I also think it may be the reason I sometimes wake up sweaty at night (I know that's kind of gross, but it is what it is).  I run so cold that the idea of getting too warm at night for me is kind of laughable.  So when I wake up with that feeling I immediately think, "what the heck???".    Lastly, I don't know if this is related to fluoxetine or something else with me, but I feel like my tongue/mouth are always coated with something.  I brush a lot - my tongue and all but I can't make it stop.  I think this is something new.  Weird, I know.  Other side effects? Probably, but I'm not really aware what they are.

Lastly, I know they recommend no alcohol while on the meds. I've found 1-2 drinks on the light side are no problem.  More than that?  Exactly what they say in all the articles -  It counteracts the effects of the fluoxetine and brings on anxiety that can last a full day.  Not worth it - it will make you think fluoxetine doesn't work, but it's just that the two things are doing opposite things.  Oh and I mentioned my balance being off - don't add alcohol to that.  It's bad.

To feel this much better is worth it and I hope it stays for however long I remain on it.  
I did read an interesting article that said higher doses should not make a difference with this drug.  It was a compelling article and reaffirms that I'll stay at this really low dose.

I just wanted to share as I don't know where else to do it and perhaps my experience might help others.


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Thank you for encouraging post.  I've been taking fluoxetine for about 3 weeks now on 20mg dose,  so far no effect to ease anxiety or depression.  Sleep is still poor. I've switched from taking paroxatine intermittantly,  last time maybe a couple of years ago.  I found the side effects interesting.  sweats and constant agitation at night.

I'm glad that its had great benifit for you and I take encouragement from this

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