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Here's a new one that I'm trying to square in my head right now.  It occurred to me that I've been treated for mental health conditions for 30 years and , yet, I'm probably worse now than I've even been in that time.  I know many people struggle to gain access to mental health services and here I am with, pretty much, access to psychiatry and psychotherapy on demand.  And nothing has worked !  So here I am , feeling guilt for "wasting" and squandering all that help.....!!   Could have gone to other people who it might have actually helped.  Does anyone else get this ?  Guilt has been part of my depression all along - guilt for one thing or another, most of which were nonsense really.  BUT - feeling guilty that I haven't got better is a new one.

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Guilt is one of those burdens Old Man Depression will foist upon us.

I find that guilt can be suppressed with metaphorical boulders.

I'm always saying we should play some clever tricks right back on Old Man Depression.

I prefer to be a ( metaphorical) candle lighter as opposed to being a  (metaphorical)darkness curser.

My motto is:Despair not/REPAIR a lot.


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Sounds similar to survivor's guilt.  

You may not actually be worse now.  It might be that you think about it more now and work harder against the depression.  

Oscar is right, guilt is one of the things depression throws at us.  You deserve help as much as anyone else.  What is wrong with this situation is not that you can get help.  It is that others cannot.  Try to not blame yourself for a situation our society has created.  Take care.

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I often feel the same way. Guilt has always been such a huge part of my depression and anxiety, and then I realize how silly it is to feel that way, and then feel guilty for feeling guilty 🤦‍♀️

Not only therapists and doctors, I feel that way with friends and boyfriends too. They could have been spending their time with someone else who isn’t as “difficult” as me.

Im not sure I have any good advice but sometimes it’s just comforting to know others feel the same way.


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23 minutes ago, DebbieDowner said:

and then feel guilty for feeling guilty 🤦‍♀️

Oh, yeah; I have been there!  That is a vicious circle -- self-destructive and hard to break out of.  Just one more thing to deal with.  We all need to remember that each of us deserves help and mental health as much as anyone else.

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Feeling guilty is your depression, that is good you mention that because it mean that you know where the problem lies. What you need to do now is let go of the guilt you have and get closure on it somehow someway. If you did something that makes you guilty, then solve the issue, and if you are guilty in your person then adjust your mentality. You can overcome feeling guilty as time passes the guilt will start going away, but you have to get closure on it first.

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