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Is Paxil and wellbutrin a decent combo for depression/TRD?

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I recently completed TMS which seemingly did nothing to improve my depressive symptoms. My psychiatrist has recently prescribed Paxil along with Wellbutrin (starting doses 20mg and 150mg respectively). Has anyone had success with this particular combination? Looking for some hope and of course any honest opinions, whether positive or negative. I read on another forum that this is a good combination but that you need to be careful to not have too high a dose of Wellbutrin, as Paxil inhibits its metabolism - can anyone shed any light on this matter? Surely if the paxil inhibits wellbutrin's metabolism then you would need a higher dose of the wellbutrin to counteract this problem? (or just not use the combo at all if they are incompatible). I am currently tapering off of my cymbalta and I will be starting this new combination on the 19th January. Thank you in advance for any help, sending lots of love and hugs to you all. Wishing you all the very best for 2020. Ryan x

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