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It takes courage to live

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I know everyday we all wake up with our 

many problems and obstacles that come 

up against us but it takes courage to try to 

begin to live despite what is troubling us

and attacking us on every hand.  It is a

constant challenge everyday to keep on

fighting the good fight of faith.  But, you are 

worth it and so are your children,

grandchildren, families and friends, who 

cares for each of us silently in their hearts.

Keep the Courage and Will to live on and

tell your story to some other troubling soul.

Who doesn’t know how to fight and to get 

the Courage to Live despite life many

obstacles that come there way.



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38 minutes ago, pkh6965 said:

Lovely words. I’m having the blues fierce today but I teach so knowing I’m in my kids lives helps.

That’s one of the main things that have kept me on top of things 

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On 12/8/2019 at 5:20 AM, Floor2017 said:

I just want to remind everyone that if you don’t touch but one person in your lifetime.  Your life was worth living.  ✝️

Even if everything my hands have done, have gone disastrously wrong, for the past 9 years?

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