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I am super fed up

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The BS with my dad and his GF has continued and I got a moody email form dad and in his own words “I’ve F#%^ed up his relationship

the stress it’s caused me has been horrible and I just had enough of people, nobody cares about me or what I want, I try playing my game and I get told to turn it off and then the TVs not in use and I wouldn’t mind I paid for the tv.

my sleep is upside down and I all I’ve done is sleep lots for the past week or so

I am done trying, I don’t want to know the witch anymore and they can just leave me alone and I am not even going to the wedding, Screw them

I am really angry, really hurt and I don’t want this in my life

he said that when his gf said they left early for sex, that it was a joke and he accused me of being a liar and I’ve had a enough.

he screwed up my education by removing me from school when I was too young and never home schooled me, we kept moving house and it ruined my career opportunities and the authorities did nothing.

I don’t want to know anymore so I am letting go of my Facebook account, blocking the numbers, blocking their emails and just going to walk away. Time and time again when I needed him he wasn’t there for me and I’ve had enough.

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I think you are doing the right thing by cutting him out of your life. Based on the article above, this man has done nothing for you besides manipulate you, gaslight you and hurt you and you are better off without him in your life. You can save money and move somewhere else and support yourself, and surround yourself with people who actually care about you. 

I’m sorry you had to go through this situation- you have every right to be angry- but you’re story’s not over yet. YOU get to decide what you’re going to do from here on out and the person you want to be and no one can take that away from you. 

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