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cymbalta and Busepar

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I am not on here very much anymore as i am feeling like my old self again.   A year ago i was on a rollercoaster of trying different medications as well as therpy when it was suggested i see a Different DR.   My Primary Doctory did try everything he could and refered me to DR A.   Dr A, was awesome going through my symptoms and giving me options for treatment, at the suggestion that i go with Cympalta, and Busepar.  It has been over 6 months and i feel as if i am getting my life back.  My anxiety is still there at times but normaly i can control with self talk, and relaxiation.  I have noticed i have a little more drive however i do not feel the need to be busy all of the time anymore (can stop and smell the roses).  I have experienced some side effects listed below however I fell that they are easy to live with

Side Effects:    Sinus Headache during a major pressure change,  Ringing in the ear, Sexual dive is way down but coming back,  ED and inability to climax sexually (starting to improve, and treating with ED medication).   Most of above have been very easy to cope with, Dr A, has been awesome at telling me what to watch for, what to look out for as well as asking me how much better i feel.   I would say in the last 6 months i am 90-95% back to the old me!   

To all reading this there is hope, there is healing.  I didn't know how i would get throught a day a year ago, had no idea if i was long for this world, and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Now i am happy to say i feel much better.  I have been very honest with  my friends and co workers on what went on hoping that if they ever run into anxiety/depression that they will seek help ASAP


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