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I overthink as well. I tend to describe it as my head being very loud, most of the time. When I was on meds it helped, but after being on them for years I realized I had just kind of turned myself into a zombie. So sure, it wasn't as loud and I wasn't always worrying and overthinking - but I wasn't doing anything important, ever. It messes with my sleep, too.

The most help I've ever managed with that particular issue was taking a DBT program, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. If you can find any videos online, or local help for meditation, or to learn something called 'mindfulness' it could help you. Being able to calmly and gently redirect your mind back to what you want to be thinking about (or not thinking at all) instead of the rapid fire loud worries that pop in and out, that's what mindfulness teaches. 

I hope you can figure out something to reduce the urge to hurt yourself.

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