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Welcome friend to our forum family.

We are here for each other.

Our goal is to not leave anyone behind in their deep, dark, dangerous, depression cave.

Stick with us and we will try to help you as best we can.



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Welcome, Vinayak! Glad that you reached out to us here. We understand how hard depression can be to live with. We will support you as best we can. Sorry that you are suffering with this illness yet glad that you have some hobbies. Keep reading and posting. You are not alone.


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I also want to welcome you, Vinayak! 

I am so sorry you are struggling against depression.  It can be such a brutal illness.

India has always seemed like such an interesting place.  I would like to visit it someday. 

I have hobbies similar to yours.  Sometimes they keep me going when things are difficult. 

  From reading your previous posts, you seem like a very interesting person.

- epictetus

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On 10/31/2019 at 7:12 AM, DragonBallZ1995 said:

My name's vinayak I'm 24 year old man I live in india I'm depression patient since 5 years my hobbies are video games digital art, sketch and painting

Hello, Vinayak. Pleased to meet you! I'm sorry to hear about your depression, but I'm glad you've found the forums, and that you have some fun hobbies to try and distract you. I like video games, too, but I'm not good at art.

Don't be shy to share on the forums. Sometimes, it takes a little while to get replies, but when you do, they will be thoughtful, kind, and will want to help you. I hope that you can find a way to live a good life even though you have depression!

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