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How I Got Into Depression


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My mom took me to some missionary church in 2011 which was named ashirwad prarthana Kendra in Mumbai they were brainwashing people about JesusThey say only Jesus is truth not anything else and they used to say like  exaction of each and every sentence they used to sell coconut hair oil
Some day my mom asked  some women working as missionary that my dad was harrassing her then she  said to my mom to put some oil in rice we eat
My mom used to take me there everyday because I was abusing my my mom wordly (some how I got into depression beacuse of these missionaries, some Youtube videos on team fortress 2 sfm, PewDiePie and some of the friend I was living)
Then I used to think,
"We shouldnt hear to Satan like to argue people hurt them" once my cristian friend said it's bad to abuse, so I thought even bad words even single of it
I know after I get to home after going to missionaries every Saturday or Sunday
I get heavily hurted by my friends in words plus they were so smart I couldn't do anything to them even  neither avoid them beacuse they use to tell me to pay respect to them
my dad used to hate those missionaries or they are somewhat called Jesus prechers it was because he cared about his religion which is Hinduism but worst thing about my dad is he is definitely the person who will be the no 1 worst person ever seen he does make me and mom feel bad at worst times even other people are really pissed of from him

After a 2 years I was like Jesus I was like a preacher but I did no preaching no reading about jesus what I used to was browse internet normally also for adult part of internet

In 2013 me and my parents for a pilgrimage to Shirdi which is in India, Maharashtra then there I was cryingly ranting to my mom in the guest room at Shirdi about how bad my life was how bad my friends are from my school

Near to Shirdi we traveled to Shani shingnapur which is nearby travel of 2 hr of distance some how I messed up there by saying some awkward things to their devotees on the same day I was feeling bad a lot about my life when we were packing bags and leaving I made joke on top indian actor Salman Khan

5 days later came back to our home and at 6 am I was shouting heavily "oh god"(oh god in Marathi language)while and I was saying so that neighbour will wake up in while I was taking a bath few days later in morning time outside toilet I heard like some people were talking to each other but it was hurting me so 6 months later I was diagnosed and doctor said I was in depression

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