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Does telling progress to someone spoils it

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1 hour ago, Epictetus said:

Hi DragonBallZ1995,

My mind is a little bit slow today.  Do you think you could explain what you mean a little bit more? 

Sorry I am not thinking very well this morning.  - epictetus

If I tell my relatives I'm good at sports I'm doing a job or even show them that few days or maybe months later I am very lazy very weak in sports or i quit my job and I don't search for any job again I become jobless

How does this happen it's a very big issue

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I'm still not quite sure I understand, but I think it is normal in life to experience changes in situation, talents, abilities, results.  I was very good in school and then was not good in school and later became good at school again.  I don't know why that happened. 

Things sometimes seem to alternative between up and down.

I've also had a job, become unemployed, became lazy and didn't try to look for a job.  Depression can be really hard on motivation. 

If I've not understood your question, maybe others will.  So sorry!

Hope things get better for you ! ! !   - epictetus

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Hey I know exactly what you mean. When things are going good and you tell people about it somehow it seems to sabotage her progress and I don't know why. I've gotten to where I don't tell my friends or family when I'm doing really good because I'm afraid it will turn around on me. But keep up the progress and if you have to just keep it to yourself.

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What kind of reaction do you get when you tell them about your successes? Is it positive and supportive or negative and dismissive? I would not surprise me if it was negative. Perhaps by telling them about your successes, you are trying to get them to see you as a successful person. If they are then dismissive - it might **** your modivation to continue to be successful.

If this is the case - perhaps you should not tell them and try to see your successes as being for you alone - not for them. You may never be able to change the way that they see you. In that case, screw them.

My mother is a bit like I have described above. After I endured 24 hours of back labor to give birth to me, her response was not, "Wow, you are really strong to have made it through that." - neither was is, "I am proud of you." - it was, "I will never call you a hypochondriac again." Gee, thanks Mom 😜

If the above does not describe how they react to the news of your success - perhaps there is a kind of self-sabotage involved. Perhaps part of you does not think that you deserve to be successful. You are! 

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