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OCD germs/illness/chemials etc

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I'm sorry if this thread already exists. (please lock/delete if it does) 

But I thought it could be good to have one thread where we can talk about this particular OCD. I developed it it about 5/6 years ago. I never sought help, as I have other mental illnesses, for way many years before, and the thought of having to deal with yet another on on 'the list' was too much. I'd tried to deal with it on my own, and I can to an extent lessen it. But at times at still overwhelms me.

But I made the first step yesterday by telling a health care professional about it, so I'm awaiting what comes next.

My main OCD concerns are germs, sicknesses, harsh chemicals, basically anything that would make me physically ill, therefore making me obsessively clean things. I think it's because I already suffer severe  depression, and anxiety. The thought of be physically sick on top of that is too much, I already feel bad enough most days. But it took over and became yet another mental illness that consumes me.

So yeah, anyone want to discuss?

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