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How Often Do You See Your Therapist?


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Hi Everyone,

Today I've just done an intake with a therapist and I was wondering how often you guys seek your therapist? I know it varies based on the severity of symptoms of the mental condition one has, whatever is currently happening in someone's life, and the type of therapy one is involved in. I'm fairly stable at the moment and my major depression and generalized anxiety seem to be under control. I'm thinking of seeing my therapist once bi-weekly. Is more time or less good?

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You are the one who will know the best.   Given that you doing well and that your primary symptoms are under control, bi-weekly makes sense (every other week, right?)  Depending on how busy your therapist is, I've found it helps to schedule ahead several weeks.  It is easier to cancel than it is to get an appointment with a busy therapist. 


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