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Jobs for Someone with High Functioning Autism?


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Hi all,

I hope everyone is well.

Some of you may remember that I've posted numerous threads struggling to maintain a job over the years.   Well, in addition to the sleep issues I've had, I may have discovered another reason: after a neuropsychological exam, it was discovered I was on the spectrum.

This explains why I've had difficulty performing on the job, especially social ones.   My ideal was to start my own creative business working from home, but I never managed to pull it off yet.

Working from home still sounds like a good idea, or something where I don't have a lot of human interaction or stressors for people on the spectrum. 

Does anyone have some thoughts or ideas?   Thanks!


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Hi, Kabuto.

Is your handle inspired by the Naruto series 🙂

My therapist suspects that I may be on the spectrum as well, and I’m in the same boat with struggling to maintain my own job for the very same reason. Not meaning to derail your thread, but what sort of testing was done to come to this conclusion, and was it over a period of time? From my understanding, it’s much more difficult to diagnose adults as opposed to children.

You’re on the right track by focusing on doing something you enjoy, your idea of a creative home business.

As far as job suggestions, I’ve read these being viable options:

* software engineer: work from home and communicate with colleagues and customers via text and email

* custodian

* overnight security guard

* forest ranger

Hopefully this will help you get started.

I look forward to the many suggestions from the community on this topic.

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I remember I read a blog that listed out jobs for introverts.   I'll be honest, even here I've had trouble.    The creative ones interest me but are also the hardest to break into.   Mowing grass is probably the closest thing you guys mentioned so far that I could tolerate that doesn't require more schooling.

Kabuto is actually from both Pokemon, and Naruto, but it's also a type of armor apparently!


Actuary , Archivist, Artist, Astronomer, Auditor

Biochemist, Blogger, Boat/ferry operator, Bus Driver


Data Entry Officer


Factory worker, Farmhand, Freelance writer

Gardener, Geological Engineer, Geneticist, ,Greenhouse tender

Landscaper, Librarian/Library Assistant

Mail Poster (Postie/Mailman), Mathmetician, Medical Laboratory Technician, Mortician, Musician


Records manager/officer

Software Developer, Statistician 

Truck driver

Web Programmer, Writer


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