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What Did You Do Today? #3

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Morning: climbed out the upstairs window to stuff foam behind the downspout that's been vibrating with gusts of wind, keeping me up at night

Evening: four hours of visiting my mother in the hospital (allowed only because her delirium is so bad), two difficult phone calls

Night: it's quiet now but still 👀 at 1 AM

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20 hours ago, Nightjar said:

Haven't had a viewing yet. I have one today. I'm just attending to the finishing touches and then the masterpiece is done :mad1:

I hope your viewing went well! And I sympathize. Been working on getting my parents' house (where I grew up) on the market for, like, ever. Wishing you a smooth sale.

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Played with mini lion. 

Cleaned her litter box. 

Made some eggs n dippers. 

Made some chips (fries). 

Washed about 50% of dishes. 

Drove to shop this am for coke. 

Did some admin online. 

Going to have a bath and moisturise.... 

Maybe do some meditation too. 

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Ran to a couple of craft stores for more yarn and a crochet hook that I didn't have then to therapist and to pick up some grocery items in the crappy snow.  Not cold enough & ground too wet for it to stick but blowing enough to make the crazy drivers drive enough more crazier. The same car cut me off while making a right turn and cut in front of me to get to walmart!

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Jobs 4 tomorrow 

Scrub bath

Scrub bathroom sink

Wipe over windowsill in small bedroom

All dishes. 

Put blankets away

Sort out nasty plant in back garden

Walk to the garage for Scooby snacks.

Cook a meal. 

Yoga and/or meditation 

All dishes before bed and kitchen surfaces. 

Call estate agent 




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I threw the rest of my gluten free chicken in the backyard.  It's pretty bad when the crows won't even eat it.  Everyone out there if you're buying frozen chicken make sure you get the right kind.  I even saw plant based chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs.  The parents go shopping and pick up things at the store quick.  Oh the kids will love dinosaur shaped chicken.  Awful!  There's never been a kid in the entire history of earth that has said mom can we please have plant based chicken nuggets for dinner?

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Walk dog. Several times.

Shopping at the warehouse grocery store (BJs). It's like Costco and Sams Club. Great prices on meats, cheeses, and general house and personal needs stuff.

Shopping at the vitamin store. Needed protein, pre-workout, joint support, and vitamins.

Worked on a Valentines project. I can always use extra points...

Put air in the tires on the cars.

Resorted the freezer in the garage that holds the bulk stuff and extras.

Watched a little TV. No news today it's getting me down again.

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8 hours ago, In2deep4me said:



8 hours ago, In2deep4me said:

No news today it's getting me down again.

👍 I agree. I just look at the headlines on my phone and then, maybe once a month, I'll have a big bad news catch up session. It's all anyone talks about anyway. Who needs to watch it on the tv too? It's always good to get some distance from any kind of drama to see the bigger picture 🤔 and allow stress hormones to calm down. We're pretty useless when we're stressed and we make mistakes. 

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Jobs 4 today (viewing tomorrow) 

No cooking, cereal and snacks only 🥣

Scrub bath (Didnt do yesterday) 🛀

Scrub bathroom sink (Ditto) 💦

Clean mirrors and window upstairs (window gets lots of mini lion nose prints) 🦁

Some upstairs dusting 🐨

Sink wash for mama lion.💦 

Pop to supermarket for coke, a birthday card and voucher 💳🎈

Mini lion play time ⛳

Yoga/meditation 😍

Think positive 🤞


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I finally took some advice to heart. 

So instead of ruminating about how bad everything is, how much I hate my job bla bla bla

I actually did stuff at work. I still hate my job, I still need to reassess as to who I am and what I want, but I have to admit, I don't feel as bad now as I did in the morning. 


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Jobs 4 today Two days to next viewing

Quick wash & dress 

Drive to supermarket for supplies 

Drive to vets for cat food £££

Make nightjar pasta special 

Scrub kitchen sink. 

Clean kitchen surfaces 

All dishes

Wipe over kitchen floor

Downstairs dusting.

Play with mini lion 

Clean litter box 

L'il bit of yoga??? 

Weirdly not hating this so much any more. I still want to get this done for so many reasons but I'm not having the big adrenaline jolts about it and I'm a bit more relaxed on the perfection front. I guess I've gained a bit of confidence in my strategies and timing too which is really helpful 🤔

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Just fitted a new stylus onto my trusty Thorens turntable. Had it for over 30 years. 

The guy at hifi repairs 6 or so years ago did a top class job aligning the pick up cartridge. When I had a complete overhaul done on it. Didn't have to do a thing in the alignment department now. 

Listening to Gary Numan, wondering what happened to me. When I listened to this in 1982 or so, I thought I'd be an astronaut or a physicist at the very least when I grow up.. Now I am just a broken piece of machinery. 

Work. A productive day. Talked a lot. Have to see about the next six months at work. A lot of changes to be expected, not on a permanent basis though.

God I need a new job. New life. New Me. 




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2 hours ago, watalife said:

I'm doing mine on paper this year 😆 I need to save 40 dollars. I hope I can do it!

I've always been afraid to do my own taxes.  It's one of those things like cars that I always just left to someone else because I don't even know where to begin.  Of course that's what they're hoping for to give us that fear about it so they can charge us a ton to do it.

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