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Living a nightmare

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I keep getting triggered and have no strength left in me every night is plagued by ptsd nightmares..


when I wake up I am bitter and angry, I came in to a little money from compensation and I spent some of it on a tv and The bright led lights at the back keep hurting my eyes when you go to plug a cable in, putting the stand together was a nightmare and I think the screen size and the hdr image hurts my eyes and gives me eye strain but there’s not a lot I can do about that now. I passed out this morning from having too much sedatives and I awoke and it was night time and my parter didn’t get any shopping so I was forced to go to  Asda on my own

We now have a cat flea infestation and I don’t know how to get rid of it, I have tried the vets, I’ve tried every flea treatment, one claimed to keep fleas away for weeks and it didn’t last a day and I am being bitten daily and I’ve even resorted trying home remedies and nothing works but my partner won’t let me spray the house

in gaining weight and my teeth are rotting and I don’t have much will to live anymore

i believe my partner would be better if without me because I’m broken and I’ve got nothing going for me

because of that woman half the town talks about me behind my back

I've thought about deleting Facebook and YouTube and starting again but without the Facebook account because I’ve gone off Facebook

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@FerryJerry   Im so sorry u hv many things happen in yr life right now. Money, partner and health. And all these makes u feel that u want to die.

I have no answers for all these. But I am here with u. I can feel people's pain. When I read your post, I can feel the pain, maybe not all of it, but I can feel some pain when I read it.

You have us here as your family, to listen to your pain, to accompany you when u are so hurt.

You are not alone.

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