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Rattler6's 'What did you drink last?' Thread Part 2

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3 hours ago, watalife said:

@APFSDS interesting 🤔 I have been skipping the sugar and using cream only. Turns out you don't always need sugar ☺


3 hours ago, sober4life said:

I've never used brown sugar in coffee.  I never thought of it I guess.

I used to use honey for about a year; it was ok, but I realised I tended to put more in which would be equivalent to the effect of standard sugar. 😄 so I ... scooped with a tablespoon on some occasions.
I ran out of honey and didn't bother to get more, so I found a packet of brown sugar which had been lying around for a year or so.

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On 10/1/2020 at 10:39 PM, watalife said:

I bought the large bag of splenda to use in all my drinks and after trying it large amounts I don't think it's any better or worse than sugar. It's a man made chemical. 😳 

Splenda and its friends are all junk to me too! Sadly they are in diet soda and plenty of other "sugar free" things. The sad part is there are studies that have shown it causes weight gain because of how your body deals with it.

Since trying a modified diet of carb cycling we tried a few things you might consider. Monk fruit or Erythritol.

Monk fruit has no carbs. Does not raise blood glucose levels. It is natural and comes from a fruit. It is super sweet and you only need a little.

Erythritol has carbs but they count as zero and pass through your body causing no increase in glucose levels.

Both have little to no side effects. There are very rare cases but in general very safe.

Stevia is a popular substitute but it does come with some warnings and issues. The research is not conclusive on whether it does or doesn't affect blood glucose levels or high/low blodd pressure.

I use Stevia as my 3rd choice and only in coffee. Monk fruit works great and Erythritol is a close second. We also use those for baking instead of real sugar when we can.


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On 10/9/2020 at 3:37 PM, samadhiSheol said:

Have had neither as yet, though Knob Creek bourbon and Rye are both delicious.. 

Compared to the regular Knob Creek this tastes extremely smooth and easy to drink straight up. It's really good as a mixer with cider also.

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On 10/28/2020 at 2:45 PM, watalife said:

Coffee with the International delight pumpkin creamer. It's amazingly amazing! 🎃

I live with someone who also thinks that's the bomb!  I think it is a horrible thing to do to a good cup of coffee... 🤣

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