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What Are You Listening To? #4

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1 hour ago, Lady Mozzer said:

What`s This ? ~ from The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

'oh I absolutely love that song... the whole soundtrack!!.. 'What's This' is a song that gets stuck in my head very often...or Kidnap the Sandy Claws... or This is Halloween... well, all of them.... love love love them all...🎄 at one point.. I had  the mayor's part of "Jack, Jack, you home?  I have the plans for next Halloween!"  on my outgoing message--  :laugh:

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Lakeside Drive covering the Kinks, "Lola."  YouTube--the show at Red  Rock--there are several live video and studio performances of the song.   They've been around almost a decade, but I just discovered them and will look online and get a few earlier cds binge a bit, and see what's to hear.  Helluva "Lola."


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The (actual) police - every step you take 

Every step you take
Every shop you make
Every pasta bake
Every Jaffa Cake
We’ll be watching you

Every run you fake
Every ill-advised fag break
Every Twirl or Flake
Every Salt ‘n’ Shake
We’ll be watching you

Oh, can’t you please
Not go out in threes
Groups of more than two
And we’ll teargas you

Every power walk
We’ll watch you like a hawk
Every shop-bound stroll
For your toilet roll
We’ll be watching you

Seriously, please just stay the hell indoors
Unless it’s for a truly essential cause
Like construction or flogging training gear
Or serving gallons of tepid, piss-weak beer
You know what, maybe this needs more clarity

Another spot on topical parody by the Iain Duncan Smiths on youtube 😆


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1 hour ago, Nightjar said:

I can hear a weird generator noise, wood pigeons: who who who, who who who, little tweeties, some bloke chopsing in the street, the neighbours bumbling about next door the sound of my little clock ticking. 

Tick tick tick tick tick.. sorry just joining in 😃

Blur - Girls & Boys 


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