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ejc's "What are you watching right now?" Thread, Part 3

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Time to start a new round.....

What are you watching?

I just finished watching The Librarians - the cable series!  I love the movies - like Indian Jones, with books!  Yay!

Here what a few others have been watching....

On 8/25/2019 at 12:46 AM, AloneGuy said:

Planet Earth: Blue Planet 2 on the BBC America channel. 


6 hours ago, Lady Mozzer said:

Modern Family


1 hour ago, evalynn said:

King of the Hill. Funny how I used to think Boomhower was speaking gibberish, and that that was the joke, and then one day I realized I could understand everything he was saying. 😆


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I wonder if anyone has ever passed away by watching reruns of Law and Order.  I took a train to Chicago. Upon entering the hotel room I turned on the TV.  Guess what?  A rerun of Law and Order.  Its like the show followed me to Chicago.  On the trip back I go to the Lounge car.  Some guy is streaming . . . you guessed it . . . a rerun of Law and Order.  What's happening?  Have I entered some kind of weird alternate universe?

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