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My husband and I took our daughter to the State Fair last Friday. First, we checked out the animal barns and had a wonderful time looking at the draft horses, talking about the different kinds of cattle and petting the bunnies. As we moved further into the grounds, the crowds thickened. It seemed like every place I looked there were people in my way. I thought, let's go into the dairy building - there are bound to be fewer people in there. There were more and the building was stuffy. I felt the anxiety starting to rise, so I lead us back outside. Let's check out the horticultural building, says my husband. Flowers and stuff. So, into the building we go. I am feeling the panic starting to rise, but I am trying to keep it together. But everywhere, people, people, people. I cannot escape. Every where I turn, there are people in my way. Then the panic attack really sets in. We get to the middle of the building and I put my back up againist a concrete pillar, close my eyes and try to calm down. I look towards to door and see the cool trees - so I lead that direction. We find a bench behind a red cross trailer where I can get things back under control. 

This has not happened to me in a long time. Hope it does not happen again.

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