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I started Lex about 4 months ago and I am on 10mg for anxiety and OCD.  I have been very very patient in trying to let it adjust and do its thing.  Sometimes I feel ok (yes just ok) and other times I am beyond nauseous, dizzy, headache, fuzzy, irritable, anxious, dont sleep.  Right now my head is "buzzing" and its like i can feel the outline of my head.  I know that sounds weird but its hard to describe.  I take Tylenol every single day for my head.  The world sometimes turns sideways like wires are crossed or disconnected.  I feel like I am going to pass out while commuting to and from work.  I need to take Ambien to sleep because Lex has me so wired yet tired (again, weird I know) I cannot sleep yet tired during the day.  I really really hate this stuff and I think 4 months has been a fair amount of time to give it a chance, right?  Is anyone else in the same boat as me?  I would rather deal with my pre-Lex anxiety and OCD than these issues.

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