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Being harassed badly


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I moved to a new town everything was going good until I uploaded a video of the local air ambulance to YouTube of The helicopter taking off, a lady took Offence and started harassing me and things just got worse

i asked her to stop badgering and harassing me and she did the opposite she started making false accusations against me and I started to receive threats against my pets, one of her friends posted my home address and days later someone came in to my garden and took my rabbits and let them loose a few blocks away, I’ve had to install locks on the hutch and install cctv

they threatened to boil my rabbits and threatened me with knifes, the police won’t do anything, they say because they don’t name me, there is nothing they can do

Its got to me so much that I had migraines with migraine aura, I started cracking up at the super market. This lady even went to the police and said I posted about her on Facebook, which was untrue and the police cane straight around to my house and harassed me and I’ve had enough

i did nothing to this woman other than ask her to stop harassing me and I’ve had no peace since, I’ve been getting a ton of requests from her to access my files on google drive and she posted a hateful message, I’ve got to live here, she’s storing things up and I don’t know what to do

I've spent all day in the garden, hurting my knees, securing the rabbit hutches to prevent anyone from getting in and I did this in the rain, I live my life here or at least I did until this happened, if I pursue a legal case against her I fear it will fuel the fire but if I don’t then when will this stop it’s been going on for a week or so

some of her friends threatened to put me in the sea with a brick around my leg and other vile messages 

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