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i have a funny "disorder" if i can call it that. It all started when we got a new tv comunicator device that allowed to watch things that were on tv in the past. Meaning i can watch something from lets say 3 days ago on tv and i can also skip to a certain part of the thing. Basicly normal tv becomes like youtube - you can watch what u want, when u want, u can skip parts of video or watch certain moment in video over and over again. 

Now to my problem. When i watch videos, movies or scenes in a video game, i sometimes miss on certain moments because they are to fast or because i just think about something else at the moment. I guess this is normal. Probably depression is also to blame because its hard for me to concentrate. But this moments i miss arent important. But for some reason i feel as if they are and keep rewinding and watching them a few times in a row. 

For instance when i watch a tv report on some incident, there is a certain part of this report that for some reason i feel is very important and will watch it 3 or more times in a row. When i watch a movie or tv series, there are parts of the movie/series that i feel that is importaint and/or that i didnt quite understand and i watch it 3 or more times. 

This behaviour isn't damaging, but its rather annoying. Takes me 30% more time to watch a tv series or movie. Its similar when i play a video game. When i start a mission in video game where i have to choose difficulty, i sometimes restart it more than 3 times because i am unsure that i choose the difficulty i wanted. Even though even the first time there was no doubt that i selected it. Its similar to checking my sound amplifier when i leave my home. I check 3 or more times to make sure i put volume to 0 to prevent freak accident when it would start playing when im not at home and disturb neighbours. 

This is the best i can sum it up. So whats up with my behaviour ? Maybe to note, i feel extremely uncomfortable if i dont rewind video or check amplifier another time. I want to limit this behaviour and also would like an explanation what is going on. 

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It sounds to me like you may be vulnerable to developing OCD even if you maybe do not quite have it yet. I have OCD myself, and years before I realized it, I had some compulsions checking things. I recommend that you be vigilant, and if you notice that these compulsions continue to get worse or significantly impact your life, definitely seek professional help. You also may want to seek out some self-help materials. If left untreated, OCD can truly wreck havoc on your life.

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