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Was 9 years old,my mom left my father, me n my sister. Was 11 years old father passed away. Stepmom and grandfather went crazy as me and my sister was alone and no one was able to interfere in our property matter, not even our biological mother. Went through hell. was tortured mentally, disgusted to be born. 9 years later my our mom came back. 

tried to settle our lives. but since we do not knew the world is so selfish, we were unaware of the practical world, we were tricked and looted by many.

Again tried to settle our lives. Today my problem no matter what i try to, people (namesake friends) push me away, in the name of help they demean and degrade me. i accept that i am bit overweight,  bit heavy tone, bit childish. but this behaviour have helped me alot in my survival till date. but people push me abuse so badly, i really felt ashamed of myself. i rally cant stand this two-faced audience which laugh at you for being yourself.


But no what happens, i am mentally strong, i have to be mentally strong. i survived till now, but now i have to ace in every field i step into. 

nobody wants to be my friend, no worries, i am independent (emotionally as well as in every aspect). Didnt liked my love, then please like my cunningness. I will win. i will complete my objective, the objective my mom laid down, an objective which is much higher than me, an objective that have asked me to be everyone behind stay alone and prepare for future.

Yes i have an objective, a goal and a mission. and no matter what it goes, i will achieve my target. 

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