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Thanks Friends

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I thought that I saw a special place to thank members, but guess I imagined a place like that existed.  So if this is not appropriate to post this here, please delete me.

To all I have met here and there are a lot of you!

Thank you for welcoming me into your world.  I have found hope, help and love with your words.I have cried and laughed with you. There were dark days when I found you. I found that I was not alone in my struggles.

I may never win the battle against depression/anxiety, but there will be small victories that will allow light into the dark tunnel I call life.  I'm taking a giant step out of my comfort zone  to apply for other jobs - still in childcare but hopefully a place where I feel that  I am valued for who I am and my experience instead of just a body to fill a job.

May you all fond peace,

Take care

To the creators of DepressionForums.org,

Thank you for creating a place where those with mental illness could find  a safe and non-judgmental place to connect, share and love others without fear.

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