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22 wks and I can't feel my baby moving


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I know this isn't the best forum because its not a pregnancy forum ..however, I am depressed and you guys reply fairly quicker than the other forum. 


Anywho, things were fine a few days ago...my little bubby was moving and extremely active..and today this entire day I didn't feel any movement and I'm obviously worried


I'm gonna call the Dr tomorrow ...if it continues..


It just saddens me how flimsy life in the womb is.. no guarantee at all.

idk my boobie is my biggest motivator. I already bought baby clothes,, I don't want to lose him.

I also decided to name him Sydney or Julian.

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Sailing Soul:

I"m glad you felt you could post here.  Please do call the doctor.  I'm not writing that because I think something bad has happened.  I'm just saying that because that is what the doctor is for.  

Please keep us updated.  I care.  DF Cares. 


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I agree call the doctor.  Do whatever you have to do to make sure your baby is healthy.  I care too.  I want things to work out for you so much.  I know you will be a wonderful mother and I know you will be happy as a mother.  I want you to have a happy life with your child.

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Im back from the ER and my baby is ok... However the Dr said if my baby isnt moving all day i shouldnt wait till the next day( i have anxiety and didnt want to over react) 

During this, i saw my boobie on the ultrasound and ( i hadnt eaten or drunk anything) and though my baby had a heart beat... He was just lying there. It broke my heart... However, once i ate a prenatal and drank soda he started moving about( i dont have issues with food i eat constantly. Its just today i was supposed to get up early to get my mom but decided to detour to the hospital to check on baby.. So i didny have a chance to eat yet) 


Anywho.. I feel guilty and riddled with anxietu that my baby was just slumped there bc of me..  


Im having a hard time coping. Im doing this alone n have no one to talk to... Its very sad to me.. 


Im trying to strong but feel very weak instead.

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3 hours ago, evalynn said:

I'm glad to hear your baby is ok! Please try to be gentle with herself--you and your baby don't need the added stress. Focus on taking care of yourself. If you need any emotional support, we are here. 

Thanks You all are a blessing. 

I've been feeling kinda down bc I'm just doing all this alone.

I have no one to share these special moments with-- my mom, though she's supportive..works long hours and sleeps alot so i go to appointments by myself ...


Idk. Its rough.

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Being pregnant can cause a lot of anxiety. I’m glad you were able to be seen to check on the baby. Just a tip: if you don’t feel the baby move again in the future try drinking some orange juice or something else sugary and give it a few minutes to kick in. That usually did the trick for my kids when I couldn’t feel them or they were being lazy. I hope things get a bit easier for you.

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