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Generic Paxil Received Different Pills... Need Advice

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Hi all. I recently changed pharmacies to a Walgreens from a CVS. The Walgreens is just closer to my house and on my way home from work so its quicker to pick up refills. Anyway, Since I started on Paxil about a year ago, I have been taking the 20 mg a day,  but only1/2 a pill a day. I have had the little pink pills with a C on one side and 5 and 6 on the other. Well since I had my doctor call my new prescription (90 pills this time) into the Walgreens, they gave me white pills that say Zc/16.  So, basically I know that these are both paroxetine. I looked it up to double check. I think they are from different manufacturers so Im wondering if they are exactly the same or if the new ones  might be different and have different side effects. I havent run out of the pink ones yet but Im kind of nervous to try the others. So basically Im wondering which generic Paxil pills others have and how they work for you.  I appreciate any advice as I cannot seem to find out about this in internet searches. Thanks all 


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@jen78sc  To answer your question are the generics exactly the same unfortunately the answer is probably no they are not exactly the same.  The good news is they have the same active ingredient paroxetine.  The only real difference is any additives the different manufacturers may use.  For some, they notice a difference as there may be a different inactive ingredient in one that was not in the other but typically you will notice no difference.  

I have taken both and I was not able to tell any difference.  I would suggest taking a few doses of the new medication while you still have some of the ones you have been taking just in case you are sensitive to the new ones you will have a supply to hold you over until you can get the brand changed or get a "name brand medically necessary" Rx filled.

I hope this helps.  I currently take Paxil, if you have any other questions I am glad to help.

Jay B.

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I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor on that same question.  But I think he will just say its the same..  I just got a supply of Paroxetine liquid instead of my usual Paxil liquid.  I was nervous changing after so many years.  I have about 5 days left of my Paxil bottle.  I guess I will try out the Paroxetine for the 5 days and hopefully any difference will raise its head. So, good idea you have!!

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