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Unable to get out bed

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 I'm feeling worse than ever and unable to do anything. I feel no hope because how can i ever solve my problems. This is the most depressed I'I've ever been.  I'm basically non functional and feel so very defective. I feel guilty for posting about how bad i feel and wasting peoples time. 

I just can't seem to do anything to stop feeling bad. 

I'm also exhausted  most of the time and people get on me for sleeping to much. This makes feel guilty for sleeping to much. 

The news from the cognitive test sent me into this nose dive just when i was starting  to feel a little better.  I know I'm not stupid its the mental illness  have  probably hurt my mental functioning. I hope seeing my new therapist on tuesday will help and i can talk about how I'm feeling. Mabey i need to go to a mental hospital again but at a major university for more expert help. 


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Perhaps you have a sleep disorder?    Worth checking your sleep patterns.   Or other things besides depression that sap energy (thyroid issues, low vitamins etc.)

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