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The Depression & Physical Fatigue Connection


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I sometimes feel that way when I am taking an antidepressant. I have found SSRI antidepressants to work decently well for relieving the mood symptoms of depression, but I have also found them to cause increased sleepiness. On one of these drugs, it is normal for me to spend 10-11 hours in bed each night/morning. With Celexa and Zoloft, the drowsiness was ridiculously severe; I could not really live my life. I am now on Prozac, and while there is still some drowsiness, it is manageable.

On the other hand, before I was taking antidepressants, I would have a lot of mood-related fatigue. I would feel really low, and it would be difficult to push myself to do very basic tasks. I would not necessarily feel sleepy, but I would do things extremely slowly.

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I believe it kind of ties with your current emotions and mental state. There were times where I may not be feeling sad or down, but rather mentally drained- which kind of caused me to just want to lay in bed all day. I had the same kind of experience with this towards lack of motivation.

My mind was quite fried so I felt like I could just pass out while sitting down. I was slow at work, too, during those few times.

Thats kind of the connection I have, though I don't know if anyone else experiences this. Hope this helped :smile:

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