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Losing touch with reality


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My former shrink suggested I might have mild PTSD. It is possible. However, anxiety has been my worst issue, anxiety and other problems that go under it, like dp caused by anxiety, huge stress and much more.

Well, 3 nights ago I was talking to my mom and I started talking nonsense. She thought I was making fun. The next day after I woke up I was OK for a few hours then again, I spoke nonsense.

Day 3, I wanted to check if that will happen again. As I was leading a convo with her I changed the subject and started nonsense but I immediately realized that and said to my mom that it is coming on again.

It lasted again until bedtime.

I must say I didn't sleep for 48 hours at all prior the first episode.

The only medication I RESTARTED was modafinil to treat narcolepsy. But I have taken 2-3 weeks ago.

Now, I remember a few things when I was in what I call "losing touch with reality" but not many. I remember my mother crying but I did nothing to help her.

I don't have a shrink yet any my family doctor is an egoistic peace of crap.

Anyway, has anyone experienced anything like this or has any idea what it could be.

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I have never experienced what you are describing.  I think I see things wrong sometimes though (not when I am driving).  I have read things and then looked up at the lines again and they are different than I remembered. 


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