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I just want it to stop

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I can’t cope with other people and I can’t cope with my own emotions and my ptsd is ruining everything

i am bitter angry and twisted and hate myself and it’s impacting my relationship

I can’t cope anymore, the cats are driving me mad and I am sitting here angry really livid

they keep trashing the house, they are wild and out of control

tonight they tried to trash my stuff by chewing and scratching it, it was safe in a wood bowl and they climbed up and knocked it over and proceeded to chew and scratch my stuff and I asked my partner for help, because everything was falling down and she wouldn’t so I grabbed the pot of cream and threw it on the floor and it hit her tablet and smashed it I wasn’t even aiming for anything

i gave her my tablet and tried to set it up, it’s identical but that’s not good enough

I've had a bad few weeks and I’ve not slept because of the upset of others mistreating me, it’s like my father he keeps promising to come over and then never does he is too busy running off with his girlfriend and I just don’t want to know anymore

i don’t want to be alive anymore because of this growing rage inside, I don’t think I will ever find any peace and I bet you when I die I go somewhere where my soul is tormented forever

i don’t have any control over my life and I would like it to be over, I don’t want to be around people anymore

I shouldn’t be upset and angry and bitter I can’t handle my feelings, I never used to be this weak and pathetic

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Hi FerryJerry,

     Wow.  I am so sorry that all these things are happening to you.  Sounds like a real nightmare.  I don't think I could handle it if I was in your place. 

    Wish I could write more but I have a really bad headache right now.

    Hopefully you will gets lots and lots of responses to your post.  You have been through so much and are still going through so much ! ! !   epictetus

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