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I'm sorry to hear it. When others have issues that they bring into interactions, it can make it harder on those who have their own struggles. I hope that when you need understanding and compassion, you can find someone else who is able to interact well.

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I don't have any hopes of ever being able to have a real conversation with my dad about anything meaningful, such as my mental health, or things I've felt were traumatic for me. He either thinks he has the right answers and that's that, or he will take the conversation personally and make it about him instead. I think I was 17 when I gave up hoping that one day we could have a deep chat, or talk about real-life stuff. That was almost a decade ago and I was right.

Fathers are supposed to be a beacon of strength and understanding, but sometimes, people have their own issues that they either can't resolve, or won't even acknowledge. If your dad causes problems when what you are seeking is compassion, then he's probably got some deep seeded issues of his own. I'm sorry you don't get to go to him how you'd like to. It's a really sucky feeling.

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