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Is anyone taking Memantine for Depression?

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I'll revive this thread, because this is very interesting drug. It's a long story how I got to it. I mainly take it because it helps my allergy better than any allergy meds helped me in the past. Besides it I don't find it too effective against depression, but I find it very good as mood stabilizer, anti-manic and in some way sedative(?). It evens my mood, takes away restlesness and overstimulation from other medications. It's not sedative in a way of making me drowsy, but it makes me calm. I wouldn't call it a focus drug, but if your problem is physical restlesness it helps a lot by removing it. 

First two weeks it gave me brain fog, noticable depersonalisation, numbness and actually made me drowsy. But now it just makes me more calm and clear headed. There are some studies that showed efficiency with bipolar disorder and I understand why. 

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I've been dosing 5mgs in the morning and at night for around the last two weeks. My anxiety, both general and social, has evaporated. I feel calm, cool, and collected. Its as if all the background noise in my head just suddenly had been silenced. 

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