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nothing helps


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Please don’t end things.. it is never a solution. I’m sure there are people who still need you and who want you around. By being here, you help us know we are not alone and we are going through this together. 

Spend some time outside with a family to keep your mind occupied with constructive thoughts.

I know that feeling of hopelessness after trying so many things but nothing is working and everything is just repeating itself and all we wanna do is just end it all cos there is no point in continueing. I hope I can help more. Keep posting and hang in there. 

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We won't give up on you so please, please don't give up on yourself.

Depression is manageable.

If you're playing a losing game of hide and seek with yourself then we will help you find the way out of the deep, dark abyss.

If there is a way into the darkness there must be a way out into the light.

My approach is to firmly "anchor" myself outside my depression cave .

Keep posting.

You are precious to us.


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Ahathesia is something im going thru. I have hope I can beat it. But depersonalization is something I have since 12 yo and this fogginess makes my memore non existant.

Please do not write not to end thing and that you care. No offence but it dont help. I tried psychotherapy and the bitch made it worse. Should I continue living like robot, zombie or some animal?

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