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What do you wish?


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1 minute ago, Snow47 said:

I wish i had never met my love who ruined my life.

I wish i had a chance to compensate.

I wish I could go back change time. Change my past.

My wishes are almost the same:

I wish I hadn't lost my girlfriend through my own arrogance.

I wish I had never discovered alcohol.

I wish I had pursued a career in meteorology.

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I've wished I'd been dead since I was a kid. The moment I'm happy, it's almost none. I remember so much that I am really smiling open to my ears, my eyes shine brightly from the happiness of the energy of the day, but I didn't sleep. Ever since I was a child or a person who is not familiar with these days does not run after happiness, he will see bad things again. He escapes from an overdose of happiness, he doesn't want to embrace his soul to the body. He is always beautiful and never come back. Like a soulless body attached to the life unit you breathe after you're not alive.

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36 minutes ago, Soarsie18 said:

I wish that when you mess up and make a mistake, you get to go back in time and use what you’ve learned to do better.

Exactly what i wish.changing time could be cure.

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42 minutes ago, BeyondWeary said:

I wish there were more cures for illnesses including depression and anxiety.

I wish I could see what's ahead. 

I wish I had more income to retire one day.


I wish god would be a little kinder.

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I wish my cat could talk back to me, so that I wouldn't have to keep pretending that she understands what I'm on about. And could actually have a 2 way conversation. :)

I wish I could be with friends more. 

I wish everyone has access to the help they need.

I wish the world wouldn't be overpopulated and we'd have more nature around us. 


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I wish I never fell in love with anyone in my life because it's been nothing but misery

I wish I never fall in love again because it will be all one sided misery

I wish I am alone forever because all people do is hurt me

I wish I never see anyone again

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I wish I could redo actions from the past I still regret.

I wish my metabolism was faster.

I wish my pets who passed away were still here.

I wish I could see my long lost childhood friend again.

I wish I saw my cat best friend who got adopted one more time, just to see how she is doing. :1cat::hearts:

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