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Taking things one day at a time

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Hello all, I have a history of Anxeity/ depression going back 20 years or more,  first had a outbreak in my early 20's, tried different medicines with little help then found a doctor that put me on Effexor and that helped allot.  Was on Effexor for a 15 plus years at the lowest dose and with my Primary doctor decided to try and get off of it completely (bad idea).  I stopped the Effexor the end of july and started having panic attacks in sept. i thought this was just my body's way of adapting and went on.  they happened every week or so is all.   Fast forward to end of OCT and i crashed, full blown panic attacks all day, very depressed, not sleeping, no appitite and so forth.   Doctor put me back on Effexor and stepped me up a dose, i started seeing a threopyst.  I would get better and crash, get better and crash, and at the beginning of Jan I went off of Effexor because of side effects.  Started on Welbutrin and after a month my anxiety was way worse so they put me on Zoloft.  after 9 weeks i was good in the afternoons and evenings but morning we tough, Looking back maybe i should have been asking for a higher dose a long time ago.  I started to feel like i was loosing ground on the anxiety and 11 days ago they upped my Zoloft.  3 days after increase i had one of the worst days of my life and since have been making gradual gains.   Currently on day 11 with Zoloft 50 in the morning and Trazodone 100 at night. 

I have been told that i have Major Depressive Disorder with anxiety by my dr.  I am looking to get back to me with some drive and confidence. Prior to this i was heavily involved in volunteering, a community leader with the emergency services, aggressive in my sales job, and felt great.  I want that back and have struggled as of lately,  i have anxiety attacks several times a day and it seams that any little stressor can flare up my anxiety and depress the crap out of me.  I should also include that i was a moderate drinker when all of the started and have since quit drinking almost completely (one or two maybe once a week), quit drinking coffee, and have started walking 30 min at least 4 times a week.  my sysmptoms seem to be the following,  

No Drive for anything

distant in conservation

feeling of indigestion and Knots in my stomach


racing thoughts

absolutely no libedo (this makes for a challenging relationship)

no appitite whatsoever


any advice is welcome, my councilor tells me to give the medicine time and practice the self talk, anxiety worksheet she gave me, and take it one day at a time, this is a challenge for me.


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Posted (edited)

Welcome @Because11.  You're certainly in the right place.  And you'll find a lot of folk here who've walked a mile (or more) in your shoes.   You've been really specific about your struggles and that kind of candidness inadvertently helps others with their own struggles.  It also helps us help you.

I'd suggest you explore the medication-specific threads for some insight on how others cope.  YMMV...but I've found them useful.

I can particularly relate to the anxiety attacks.  I just spent a couple months fighting increasing episodes.  My psychiatrist surmised a lot of it had to do with restarting an old SSRI with which I'd been successful previously.  It seems likely that, in the interim, my physiology had changed enough that the SSRI now caused problems.  He'd also concurrently prescribed Trazodone 50 for anxiety.  Though it doesn't have the kick of Xanax, it's mostly useful at 1-2 tabs/day.  I'm going to ask for an increase next month.

You are doing A LOT better than I on taking action to alleviate your symptoms.  I think you'll find many here will agree with you on activity as a way to shed the excess.  My warning signs are the feelings of adrenaline coursing thru my extremities, that perpetual knot in the stomach, inability to focus on anything remotely stressful...and it becomes so distracting I can barely function.  At its worst, a couple weeks ago, sleep, when I could, became a respite.  Nevertheless, I'd wake up with an anxiety attack already in progress.  For me, the very definition of torture.

In the kind of desperation you can probably understand, I did quit my SSRI and have felt better.  Fortunately, I have a good psychiatrist with whom I can be completely honest without fear of criticism.  It's important to me that he knows EXACTLY what I've done to cope.

As for the racing thoughts, since you asked, distraction works for me.  Simple as it sounds, binging Netflix has provided lots of relief.  I like it.  It's a passive solution.  It doesn't require "work" but it works.

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Howdy!  You sound a lot like me. I was a light drinker and also quit totally about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I quit caffeine at the same time.  I was drinking about two 2 liters of diet Pepsi per day. yikes, lots of caffeine & aspartame.

I am currently on 150mg/day of zoloft - those first few weeks coming off caffeine was tough. I sank pretty low, but am coming back around. I’m hoping that these changes will long term be fore the best.

PS coming off soda was tougher than I thought it would be. Lots of cravings.


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