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Latuda for Major Depressive Disorder??

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I have a severe unipolar depressive disorder that is resistant to many medications. Nothing really has worked (Wellbutrin, Abilify, sertraline, Prozac, desvenlafaxine /Pristiq). My doctor prescribed me Latuda which is a bipolar/antipsychotic. Although I got alarmed and I told her so immediately, she convinced me that this could help me blah blah blah. However, I'm still worried, my psychologist (not a medical doctor obviously) too got alarmed once found out, although she said she doesn't know much about this medication, the fact that it's antipsychotic for a person who's severely down and lethargic (me) is concerning. 

I'm currently on Pristiq (150mg), Latuda (20->40mg), and Adderall. I have not yet seen any effects.

Has anyone here been prescribed Latuda for severe depression, how was your experience? Any suggestions, warning, or tips?

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